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ACN Video Phone Review – Ramping Up to Introduce IRIS Video Phone to Asia

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ACN Independent Representatives in the state of Hawaii are gearing-up for the introduction of the ACN Video Phone to Asia. Hawaii's multi-cultural ties to several Asian countries, makes it the ideal hub to build international teams of ACN Independent Representatives with their uplines in Hawaii.

In Hawaii alone, many ACN Independent Representatives are doing very well with their home-based business promoting ACNs flagship product, the IRIS Video Phone. Amazingly though, Hawaii is far from being saturated with Video Phones. Just on our island of Oahu, the 2000 Census reported there were 286,450 households, and we have barely scratched the surface here. But soon enough, the word will be out as common knowledge, and many households will gradually migrate from voice phones to video phones over the next few years. The great news is that it shouldn't break anybody's bank to do so, because the video phone hardware and service is quite affordable, especially when it will probably pay for itself in savings anyway – for some more than others, depending on their calling habits .

International Business Potential

Now enter the ties to Asia, first Korea and then Japan. In Korea alone, there were an estimated 16,673,162 households according to the National Statistical Office as of 2008. For Japan, the Population Census showed that they had 49.06 million households back in 2005. Can you imagine what a few strong legs in your downline operating out of Korea and Japan could for your business! And I didn't even mention the number of businesses and schools that would be interested in video phones. Did I mention that ACN officially operates out of 21 countries already? And of course, ACN believes in diversity and has a host of other telecommunication products to offer as well.

So, what once was a perk for the military or people with fat wallets, with today's blazing fast, high-speed internet services, there is no reason to hold back the introduction of video phones to the average household and business office.

Video Phone Layman Specs

The Iris 5000 Video Phone boasts a 7 inch LCD screen with a high-resolution webcam. You just connect it to your modem or router (suggested) with and ethernet cable just like you would with your computer's wired internet connection (sorry, this phone doesn't support wifi yet). You can also connect the video output to a larger display such as your LCD TV, and when not in use, you can use the phone's LCD screen as a Digital Photo Frame with pictures saved onto an SD Card or a USB Flash Drive.

Video Mail Messages

I particularly like the ability to play or leave video mail messages on these phones, which is just as easy as leaving voice mail message on regular phones. But even better, is that you can check your video mail on any internet connected PC by logging into you ACN account (you can liken it to checking email via webmail, but with video). Your online video mail can be saved to your hard drive for future use or emailed as an attachment.

Traveling with Your Video Phone

If you're a traveler, you will love being able to pack your phone with you, because your phone number travels with the phone. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and power, and you can send and receive calls with your own phone number just as if you were at home. Imagine what you could save when calling from another country!

The beauty of this sleek video phone is that it is so easy to connect, and easy to use. You do have to buy the phone though, as well as pay for monthly digital phone service (much like a cell phone contract), but the phone will likely pay for itself soon enough depending on your calling habits. If you have family overseas, and factor in phones cards to your budget every month to call the Philippines, Korea, or Japan (or anywhere for that matter), and they have high-speed internet (min 200 kbps), you need this phone ! This may not work for everybody, but you may be able to set them up with a video phone that they can use 24/7 to send and receive unlimited international calls with the US, Canada, Guam and Puerto Rico. If you are from a different country ACN operates in, you can apply this calling ability to your country as long as you order your phones from ACN in your country.

Will the Video Phone Go Viral?

All it is going to take for this phone to start going viral, is if enough people who already have the video phone, bring it with them when they travel overseas to spend time with their family. Then they will get to see first-hand how well it may work for them. Beware though, they might not want you to take the phone back, and you will have to get another one when you get home. Of course you can probably order another one while you are still there and have it waiting for you when you get back home.

Anyway, with this internet video phone technology, it is easy to see how it will ultimately save some people quite a bit of money, not to mention how it will bring family and friends even closer than before, with video on top.

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