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How To Market Your Business Using The Hub Effect

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On an old stagecoach a hub is the center of the wheel. The spokes radiate out from the hub to the wheel ring upon which the wheel revolves. A hub is also a center or core of a network from which 'stuff' generates inwards or outwards. Only recently scientist discovered that everything in the universe was connected too, or part of, a network of hubs, and by everything I mean everything that exists , from the smallest things known to man to the largest, everything is connected.

In computers a hub is used to connect several computers to one network, that network is connected to other networks which then become hubs themselves and so on and so on it goes. Consider the world a hub, the world is made up of continents and they form hubs in a network of countries and countries form hubs in a network of states then districts, cites, municipalities, suburbs, communities and so on and so on right down to the individual. But it doesn't end there; each individual forms a hub in a network of friends, family and acquaintances and so on and so on.

It proves beyond doubt that we are all connected; we are one with the universe and to think of ourselves as separate from, better or worse, smarter or dumber, black or white is nonsense, we are the same and we are connected together in a network that is unbreakable. The current financial meltdown is a good example of this, what happens financially in one country impacts on the next and the next and with the way the financial systems are set up in the world today no one is immune from it. Think of your roads as the links between hubs; roads generate inwards and outwards of a major city to other cities, theses cities are hubs with roads that connect to suburbs and these suburbs are hubs with roads that connect to your street and your home, without hubs we would be walking into brick walls everywhere.

A company is a hub, a company needs distribution centers which become hubs and these distribution centers distribute goods to shops which become hubs and from these hubs you buy their products. Sometimes there can be up to six or more hubs that products have to go through before they get to the final purchaser. A company may manufacture components that become part of another component and that becomes part of another until the final product becomes reality. Each step along the way is connected and each is a hub around which other things revolve.

If you are new to business by understanding this and using the hub effect you can set up a marketing program that will catapult your business into a money-making juggernaut in no time flat and even if you are a seasoned business man or woman being aware of the hub effect will help you to find where to direct your marketing budget and your sales campaigns much more effectively.

Let's look at a new one person business wanting to get in their first customers for the first time and as is so often the case, there is very little money available for sales and marketing campaigns. The most common approach for a new small business is to go out and have printed several thousand flyers and pay someone a bucket of money to put them into letterboxes. This is very much a 'hit or miss' exercise, (mostly miss) expensive and gets very little return and unless followed up with a second and sometimes third campaign or captures the interest first time it will generate very little business. Another way is to place ads in the local newspaper (a newspaper is a hub) this will generate business but usually only over time as people see the ad and respond to it. You use newspaper to constantly remind people what you have to offer and they choose you when they need you because they have seen your ad either consciously or subconsciously each time they read the newspaper, it is used primarily to "Brand" yourself or your product. Newspaper ads are very effective but mostly are best used as a long term marketing solution.

The hardest and most expensive way to grow a new small business is to run marketing and sales campaigns that targets the single sale, in other words your marketing efforts are geared to get interest from individual potential customers that may or may not use you, these campaigns should only be used where there is a large margin as usually many contacts need to be sort to get results.

The easiest and least expensive way to grow a new business is to run marketing and sales campaigns that target several sales or more from one effort. This is done by using the hub effect in that the marketing and sales campaign is geared towards a group of people that have a common interest such as a club or networks. All clubs, networks, organizations and any group of people are hubs in that they have a central point of interest from which people revolve around to some degree or another and by directing your marketing efforts to just one hub you open up the exposure of your product or service to a far larger group of people therefore getting far greater value for money.

Hubs of people are everywhere and meet regularly and in most cases welcome special deals that are beneficial to their members. You can offer these great deals because of the savings you have made in getting this new business and you can gear your product or service to accommodate multiple customers or clients so that the savings you are offering do not cut into your bottom line. In other words 'buy one and get the next at half price' or 'bring a friend and get a 30% off'. Discounted multiple sales is a great way to get your name out there and will always lead to single higher margin sales for the person that likes and will pay for individual service.

Ask yourself where there is a hub that would be interested in your product or service and put together a special offer that will be of benefit to the people connected to the hub eg. their members etc. You are literally surrounded by hubs of people that you can market to; it is only a matter of looking at it from their prospective and asking yourself what is in it for me, in other words see yourself as a member of their hub and ask what is about your product that will benefit you.

Also having a niche product is a very effective marketing tool, most new businesses believe they must market everything they do so they don't miss out but this is often detrimental to growing a new business. By specializing in one aspect of your business you become a specialist and the rest of the services you offer will grow off the back of your specialty. If you have a diploma in Beauty Therapy you could specialize in facials, if you were a plumber you could specialize in unblocking drains; every business has about it a specialty that you could turn into a niche and use to grow your business from.

Remember, everybody and everything in the universe is either connected too, or part of, a network of hubs, so use this information to market your business and your business will grow rapidly and success will flow into your life, all through your life.

Source by Don Mortimer

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