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How to Set Up Linksys Wireless Print Server WPS54G and WPSM54G

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Linksys WPS54G and WPSM54G

WPS54G/WPSM54G is a device connected to the main server ( router ) and printer. It accepts the print jobs from all the computers in the network and sends it to appropriate printer. Let’s take an example. You have 4 – 5 computers in the network and one printer. You want all the computers to use the same printer. Now in this case you can use a print server.

All your computers will be connected to one main server like router. Print server will also be connected to the router. Printer will be connected to the WPS. Now all of your computers will send the print job to the print server through the router and then to the printer. This is how you can print using WPS54G or WPSMG.

These are the wireless print server. If you want to use them in the network then you should have wireless router also. Make sure that you have all the wireless settings of the router. You will need the name of the wireless network ( SSID ), the wireless channel, the type of wireless security and the wireless network key or password. If you don’t know these settings then open the set up page of the router and check the wireless settings.

How to connect the WPS54G/WPSM54G to the wireless network?

For the initial set up, connect the WPS to one of the Ethernet port on the router with the cable. Make sure that you will see Ethernet light both on router and WPS. Connect the printer with the USB cable. These devices do not have any default IP address. They get their IP address from the router. Check the IP address of the router. There are 2 ways to check the IP address of the WPS.

There is a small reset button on the back side of the WPS. Press it and hold it for 5 seconds. You will get a print out. On that print out you will find the IP address of the WPS.

Run the CD that comes with the print server. On the 4th or 5th step it will search for the print server and will give you the IP address of the WPS. Note it down and exit the set up.

Once you have the IP address of the print server, use that IP address to open the set up page. On the set up page you will find the wireless settings. Change the wireless settings according to the settings of your wireless router. Save the settings. Now disconnect the cable between the WPS and the router. Unplug the power to the print server and plug it back in. Wait for a minute till the wireless light will lit up on the print server. Now try to ping the print server IP address from your computer. If you get the replies, it is all set up and communicating with the router.

How to set up computer to print using WPS?

Your Print server and router are communicating with each other. Now you have to set up your computer to print using the WPS. On your computer you will need to add the new printer port. Use the standard TCP / IP port for the IP address of the WPS. Go to the printer properties and add the printer port.

Once you add the new port on the printer, your computer will be able to print.

It is not difficult to setup WPS54G and WPSM54G.

3 basic steps to setup WPS54G or WPSM54G.

Check the IP address.

Connect WPS to the wireless network

Add the printer port on the computer.

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