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Intellinet Network Solutions Whole Home Mesh Wireless AC1200 Kit-One Router & Two Extenders-Covering up to 4,500 ft2 with 2.4- & 5-GHz Bands, Optional Guest Network, Touch-and-Connect Internet Access

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Price: $249.99
(as of Nov 02,2019 23:13:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Whole Home Mesh Wireless Kit, One Router and Two Extenders

Mesh Wireless from Intellinet gives you Wi-Fi where you want it

Wi-Fi Where You Want It

Intellinet Mesh Wi-Fi helps you bring a strong Internet signal to nearly any place. Whether that’s at work or in the home, anyone you’ve granted access to in the mesh environment can move about freely and stay connected. No dead zones. No dropped signal. Just great Wi-Fi.

Mesh Wireless Ethernet Ports

Ethernet Ports

Each mesh router and extender offer Fast- (10/100) and Gigabit-Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports to connect devices you want physically connected to the network. These ports are perfect for connecting fixed devices such as IP cameras, desktops and more.

Mesh Wireless Power Boosted

Power Boosted

The mesh router and extenders each include their own 5 VDC power adapter for all the power they need to keep wireless Internet strong throughout the area you want it in.

Mesh Wireless Touch-and-Connect Function

Touch-and-Connect Function

A simple touch to the top of the mesh router lets your friends and visitors in the mesh environment get onto your network in seconds — without needing a password. All they have to do is find your network in the Wi-Fi settings of their device and join it with two minutes (or a time that you set; function can be disabled too).

A Perfect Fit for Today’s Home

Mesh Router is a perfect fit for any home

Kit Specs


Smooth, discreet design

Covers up to 4,500 ft.2 (420 m2)

300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz | 867 Mbps at 5 GHz

Gigabit and Fast Ethernet ports on each unit

WPA / WPA2 encryption

LEDs for status and connection

Advanced Coverage

The mesh wifi network you create with this kit is a major improvement over router-only networks. Even if your home’s materials block your current signal, all pieces of the mesh network work together to keep your device online, even finding another route is necessary.

A Modern Design

The sleek design of the mesh router and extenders makes adding them into any location a perfect complement to your current style.

Most people want their network devices out of sight, but if your layout makes hiding them impossible, they blend in well with their surroundings.

A Modern Connection

The kit’s mesh Wi-Fi coverage unites all the devices in your house with IEEE 802.11n (300 Mbps) and 802.11ac (1200 Mbps) Internet. It’s so seamless that no matter where you go around your home or business, it’s as if you’re right near the router.

Designed with You in Mind

Ethernet ports for easy connection

Mesh System - Router and Two Extenders

Easy switch to power and pair

Mesh router is perfect anywhere

Easy Connections

The mesh router connects to the ISP modem/router you have via Ethernet. Additional network devices can connect to both the mesh extenders through their Gigabit and Fast Ethernet ports.

Three-piece kit

The mesh router connects to the ISP modem/router you have via Ethernet. Additional network devices can connect to both the mesh extenders through their Gigabit and Fast Ethernet ports.

Power and pairing

Each unit has a switch that lets you physically turn it on or off, without disconnecting power, for more control over the device. It also offers a pairing and reset button if you ever need to disconnect and then reconnect them.

Perfect Anywhere

The mesh router and extenders offer a clean look that helps it fit right at home or a business, wherever you place them. They’re small, so they take up little space, but they’re powerful in the coverage they provide.

Wireless network coverage for the whole house

Work and play are easier and more enjoyable when your laptops, smartphones and tablets can connect to your wireless network from nearly anywhere in your home. The Intellinet Solutions Whole Home Mesh Wireless AC1200 Kit offers hassle-free connections to your home network in spaces that range from 280 to 418 m² (3,000 to 4,500 sq. ft.) so you can get online quickly with the best connection every time. With one advanced router and two powerful repeaters, this kit uses intelligent mesh technology to help your devices find the quickest path to the network, promoting better coverage than a standard wireless repeater or extender can achieve.

Easy touch-and-connect function for guests

The Mesh Wireless Kit offers a unique touch-and-connect feature you activate that grants wireless access to guests who are within the wireless mesh network you have created. All you need to do is touch the sensing area on the router or repeaters, and your guests are quickly connected to your network without needing a password.

Setup and management across multiple devices

The Whole Home Mesh Wireless AC1200 Kit works on Windows and Mac OS X systems. Setup and management of the mesh network are made easy by using the Intellinet App — available through Google Play, Android Market or Apple App Store — or through a wired or wireless Ethernet connection. And in just a few easy steps, you’re ready to enjoy better wireless access throughout your home.

[Complete-Coverage Wi-Fi] This kit features Mesh Internet that blankets your home or business up to 4,500 sq. ft. (420 m2) with a super-fast AC1200 wireless signal; includes one mesh router and two mesh extenders that work together to route you the fastest way to the Internet, taking over for each other if necessary to keep devices online
[Dual-Band Wireless] The wireless mesh network kit gives you max. speeds of 300 Mbps on the busy 2.4-GHz band and 867 Mbps on the less-cluttered 5-GHz band; it determines which band is right for the device you’re trying to connect so older and newer devices alike can get online
[Super-Simple Setup] Getting online with this kit takes little effort; the mesh router and extenders come pre-paired so once all three are turned on, they begin searching for each other to connect
[Secure Network for You; Secured Access for Guests] The mesh Wi-Fi kit’s optional use of WPA / WPA2 security gives you full control over who gets on your network; the Touch-and-Connect function lets you give password-free Internet access to guests in the mesh environment, with a touch to the top of the router
[App for Complete Control] Available in the App Store and Google Marketplace, the IntellinetMESH app makes setting up the wifi mesh network easy and quick, and it offers comprehensive management so you can always see network status, change security options and settings, see connected devices and so much more, all from your smartphone or tablet

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