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MLM Offline Marketing Advice For Newbies

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Unquestionably, your networking company’s primary goal is to get you to the annual training event. It’s your team’s most important meeting of all.

Have you ever heard your team marketing leaders use the phrase “Ready, Fire, Aim!” Of course the actual expression is “ready, aim, fire”. The point is to get you to take action. No matter how you turn the phrase, the first word should always be “ready”. Each year your priority should be to attend your annual network marketing event. That’s the hub of your success. But if you are not ready, how will you “ever” go? Preparation is something that you do ahead of time.

Since you know that your event is going to happen at least once a year, you can prepare well ahead of time. Many corporate events happen each year around the same time. Most likely they will sponsor the event in the same places. Therefore you should have an idea of the cost to get there, hotels and the cost of attending the event. This is how you invest in your own company.

Let’s talk about the cost. I know you joined an MLM to make extra money, didn’t you? But so far you may have shelled out some bills and probably haven’t seen one dollar come back at you yet. So now you gotta put up another wad of cash.

In the beginning of our networking careers we have all asked the question “where in the world am I gonna get the money to go to this event and why”? Sure enough, your trainer’s typical comeback is “If you can afford it, then you really need to be there”.

You’re sitting there torn between your wallet and your company. One thought is that investing in your business is essential. But on the other hand you may be on unemployment, your spouse could be carrying the load right now, you may be working part-time and the cost equals close to a months pay. At any rate, spending money on a big event just seems to much to ask. What now? Are you going to watch other people put it on the line while you sit home and play it safe?

Here’s how to take this and I’m telling you, I’ve been there. First I would recommend that in advance, you plan to save a little bit per month just for major events like this. You know the event is coming! It’s no surprise. Therefore, if you put aside maybe $50 bucks a month for business events, in a year you have $600 of it.

I once bought a one-way ticket to a big event and slept on my team leader’s hotel room floor. Back home my family scrambled to get me a ticket out of there. Had they not been creative, I would have become a reluctant resident of that city. But upon my return from that empowering event, I caught on fire!

That event experience created focus, momentum and results that could never have been measured or predicted. The sacrifices that each one of us on the team made to attend that event brought some unexpected success for us individually and as a team.

It took about 3 months for that investment to pay off. I won a top producer’s and top recruiter’s award and was on the entire company’s top twenty-five list. The team leader who sacrificed her hotel room floor for about eight of us won a beautiful C-class Mercedes in a corporate wide team production contest. When we were all piled up in that hotel room, you could never have told us the amazing things that were coming to meet us. So hopefully, knowing that can give you incentive to be ready and go to your next big networking event. The positive results cannot be calculated.


1. Save up early to cover the event expenses

2. Design your team marketing strategy around the event

3. Teach your team how to do the same. (If you are a team of one, make one up until it’s done)

Alas, you can then enjoy the fruitage of your labor. Your business will be forever changed.

Source by La’Vette D. Grice

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