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Network Printer Is Printing Slow – A Simple Solution

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Is your Sharp network printer slow when printing from your computer? Does it print one page, stop, then print another, and then stop? These are problems that occur on a daily basis in busy offices. Don't bother calling your tech group until you've tried these simple solutions yourself.

Let's speed that printer up! Here are a few tips that will likely get your network printer to print at its advertised speed!

Before you begin it's a good idea to have a control test print that you know how long it takes the printer to output.

1. Cycle power to the printer. Just a simple reboot can help sort out any quirks the printer is having. Turn it off or unplug it, leave it off or unplugged for a minute or two, then fire it back up and test it out. If this tip doesn't help then move on to the next step.

2. Bypass any unnecessary network equipment.

A connectivity issue normally causes slow printing. Make sure that the network cable (Cat5) is not running through a power surge protector, a 5-port switch / hub, or any other sort of network device. Ideally it should be plugged directly into the router, or into a designated network wall jack for the copier. 5-port switches are very touchy, and sometimes the individual ports will "go bad." Try to bypass the switch if at all possible. If you only have one network drop for 2 or more devices, I recommend having a network drop ran specifically for the Sharp printer. Also, make sure the cat5 cable itself is intact and doesn't have any flat spots, exposed or frayed wires. If it is a homemade cable it may have some issues.

3. Adjust the bitmap compression in the Sharp print driver.

The Sharp print driver also has an adjustable option that will improve printing speed, especially with larger color documents. We have found that changing the bitmap compression from Very High Quality to medium quality cuts down significantly on spooling size and print output time with virtually no quality loss. This setting can be defaulted in the print driver.

1. Open your control panel, then go to the printers menu

2. Right click on the Sharp and click Printing Preferences

3. Go to the advanced tab, and change the Bitmap Compression to medium quality, click apply then OK.

If your printer isn't a Sharp search around in the print driver settings for "bitmap compression" or "compression," adjust the settings, then send a test print. Don't make any changes if you don't know where to revert back to the previous settings!

If these adjustments do not help with your printing speed then contact your local servicing vendor for more assistance.

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