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Passive Ethernet Hub – The Ethernet Hub For Small Networks

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Ethernet hubs work by connecting a group of computers within an Ethernet network via twisted pair cables or RJ-45. What they do is to allow for easy data exchange through an Ethernet connection. Technically, they consist of multiple ports that connect all computers within a network to a central network device or a router. Typically, the hubs would have recovery features that offer automatic disconnection of the source port for isolating the problem. Just in case there are data collisions and other connection problems, they can still work more efficiently compared to coaxial Ethernet connections.

For smaller networks

A passive Ethernet hub is one type of hub you can consider using. It works by sending data from a single port to other ports within the network. They are ideal for small offices and homes with a few computers in them. This is because too many computers within the network can cause congestion or data collision.

Active or passive?

Make sure that you only buy a passive Ethernet hub after determining how many computers you have in your home or office. Still, you can also use one together with an active hub that offers more interconnectivity. An active Ethernet hub is capable of rerouting incoming data packets to particular destinations, which helps in decongesting the network while lessening the risks for data collision. This Ethernet hub also provides for smoother connections that help you lessen your traffic in the network.

Security matters

If you are considering a passive Ethernet hub for your home or office, make sure that you choose one that has many ports to accommodate all your computers. However, make sure that it has a built-in firewall to prevent harmful data from being passed around the network. Some firewalls you can consider include filters for peer-to-peer or email transfers.

Important information

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