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Reasons and Features to Switch to VoIP

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Several people who may be thinking of discarding their landline phones and converting these to VoIP network fret if they would find those features which they got on their landline phones. Such individuals like to see on the caller ID who is calling. Such services allow people to avoid unwanted calls and annoyances. Individuals having their own businesses cannot afford missing calls and admire having a call-waiting feature.

If you are also one among those who are considering switching to VoIP network, so you need not worry, you do not have to do without above mentioned features when you switch to a VoIP network. Nearly all VoIP service providers provide all the central conveniences such as call waiting, call forwarding, call hold, call blocking and caller ID and many other basic features which are used to with your landline. Many involve voice mail, last number redial and so on. VoIP network even allows you to keep the same phone number which you have had for years. In order to find a VoIP service provider, who offers services or features as per your requirements and preferences, you have to conduct a thorough web search.

A majority of VoIP providers also offer advanced features like anonymous call blocking that enables you to avoid calls that safeguard the caller’s individuality. This strategy is usually utilized by sales individuals. Apart from these wonderful features, there are many other reasons supporting the VoIP switch.

The cost or price is going to be significantly less than what you are paying now for your residential and business service with landlines.

With landlines, you will have to pay extra for additional services like long distance calls, whereas VoIP covers all these services in a single package. Other features involved are call waiting, call forwarding, call hold and many more.

Nothing is charged for incoming calls coming from anywhere

You do not need any computer. You can just plug in your phone wire with your VoIP box.

Several VoIP providers have a VoIP system which works while you do not answer the call; the system will call three other numbers to locate you and then directly transfers the message to your voicemail.

With VoIP, you can take your office or home phone with you while travelling just by keeping your VoIP box in your suitcase. After reaching your destination, just plug in your VoIP into a speedy internet connection and start making and receiving calls.

There is a list of good reasons to switch to VoIP other than its amazing features. So, consider these reasons now and get switched to VoIP networks.

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