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Sony Ericsson W880i Walkman Music Phone Works On A Tri Band Network

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The Sony Ericsson W880i comes with push email which provides the user with instant emails on their phone. The push email service works just like the users inbox on their PC with an instant service.

The highly music focused Sony Ericsson W880i comes with a built in music player which supports all popular music formats & provides high quality sound. The phone comes with music focused features including MusicDJ (TM) melody composer, PlayNow (TM) quick select ringtone feature, Mega Bass (TM) bass feature & TrackID (TM) music identification feature.

The phone supports colorful picture or animated wallpapers & screensavers which brings an element of fun to any mobile device. The user can download games, ringtones & themes to create a personal feeling to their phone. The W880i comes with a 3D gaming experience, waiting to entertain the user during those leisurely breaks.

The phone comes with an Internet browser which allows the user to access Internet site from their mobile phone. The user can subscribe to RSS feeds which will provide the user with all the latest news & reports from selected websites & blog sites.

The Sony Ericsson W880i Walkman music phone works on a tri band network which will automatically switch between network bands & provides the best network coverage for the region or country. The W880i is a 3G capable phone which provides the user with a mobile broadband Internet experience.

The user can enjoy video calling, video streaming, mobile Internet & a high speed experience on their phone. The user can use the USB connection to transfer data between USB compatible devises. The phone comes with Bluetooth® technology which allows the user to connect to other devices with Bluetooth® to share, send & synchronize data.

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