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Standby Batteries

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Standby batteries are high-powered batteries designed to use as backup batteries. Many industries rely on a standby system to keep essential services and functions running when there is an interruption in the flow of power from the local power grid. This system can be easily installed and activated immediately.

Hospitals, telecommunications systems, emergency lighting systems and many more rely on lead-acid standby batteries. They can also work as voltage stabilisers that smooth out fluctuations in electrical generation systems and they can temporarily hold large electrical loads as electric utilities switch from one system to another.

Manufacturing plants also make use of them. In some cases, the system is composed of a mini-power station located on the premises. Some systems have what is popularly known as a dead-man switch. When the main source of power fails the standby battery network automatically detects the interruption and begins to deliver power that can be used to run the machinery and other systems that are considered necessary to continue the production process.

Other businesses and facilities that make use of the such systems include telecommunication hubs and government offices. The system used in a telecommunication hub is capable of keeping telephone switches, bridging equipment and other vital portions of the network up and running when there is a power supply disturbance. Most government offices are also equipped with a standby system that can deliver power as soon as there is some sort of failure of the main power source.

Types of Standby Batteries

There are two types of Standby batteries-UPS replacement batteries and emergency lighting batteries.

UPS replacement batteries: These types of standby system come in various power sizes.Chloride, Riello, Emerson, APC, MGE, Eaton are the leading manufacturer of UPS replacement variants.This is ideal for applications in data rooms, computer / server rooms, hotels prisons, street Lights, hospitals and factories.

Emergency lighting batteries: The main feature of emergency lighting system is reliability. Most suppliers offer full discharge setting and onsite fitting of these batteries. They are fully recyclable.

Things to consider when buying a standby battery system

When looking for a standby battery system for your industrial applications, it is important to correctly assess the amount of power needed to keep vital systems functioning. An expert can help you determine the right size of batteries and related equipment is that are needed to keep your industrial operations going with a minimum of down time.

Things to keep your system going and piece of mind

A discharge test should be regularly under taken to make sure that the batteries are in good. It is recommended to conduct the test on a 6 monthly or in some cases a 12 monthly basis.

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