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Technical Network Administration Resume

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When applying for this position in the company, your network administration resume should highlight these required skills and qualifications. Here we discuss some important tips for writing the CV for this position.

Job Description

The person working in this field has to perform a number of job duties. They are required in:

  • IT companies
  • Hospitals
  • BPOs
  • ITES
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • Health Centers / Hospitals

They are required in all places wherever there is need of the internal computer communication. With the help of this type of networking, the important data can be shared amongst the computers.

The important job duties of network administrator includes

  • Designing and configuring the computer network
  • Maintaining the hardware and software installed in the network
  • Installing new hardware and software whenever necessary
  • Ensuring the error free functioning of the designed network
  • Monitoring the active network equipments
  • Ensuring the security of LAN / WAN networks in the company
  • Troubleshooting the problems arising in the network

Network Administrator Resume

This resume includes more technical details. It must include the details of the knowledge of all networking terminologies, operating systems, trouble shooting of computer hardware, etc. You can make your CV attractive and outstanding by following the basic resume writing tips.


Proper resume format is important for achieving that perfect look for your CV. For an experienced network administrator resume, you can choose the chronological format that will list your employment details in chronological order starting with the most recent experience. Your major job related skills can also be highlighted using this format.

Technical Details

When you are listing the skills in your CV, you can either eliminate transferable skills or categorize transferable and technical skills in different sections. Transferable skills are required for all job positions. For network administrator position, technical skills can be further divided into different categories. The example of the technical skills for the network administrator resume is as follows:

Example –

Operating system – Windows NT, Win 2000 / XP / 7, Linux, Solaris, Novell

Database – SQL Server

Network Protocols – TCP / IP, NetBios, IPX / SPX, VLAN, IGRP

Hardware – Cisco Routers 3600/3000/2600 series, Net gear Switches, Hubs, Laptops, Modems

Experience Section

If you are an experienced person without job hopping or employment gap in past, presenting your career details in reverse chronological order will effectively highlight your details. If you are fresher applicant, you can list the details of the projects you worked on during your college days in this section.


The skills in your CV should clearly mention about your ability to design and configure the networks. Following are some important areas in which the candidate should be skilled in:

· Storage management

· Configuring the clusters

· Grid Computing

· Data recovery and backup

Basic resume tips apply for this position also. The common grammar and spelling errors should be avoided and special attention should be given on improving the appearance and quality of your CV.

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