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USB Wireless Printer Cable Brings Space to Your Desktop

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A new wireless printer cable brings incredible freedom to your printer, your home office, or your computer workspace.

Freedom comes in the form of an amazing new wireless device which plugs conveniently into the USB port of your printer and transmits signals to and from your PC, laptop, or network hub. This little gem of a tool upgrades any device with a USB port to a wireless device. Care to use your new wireless printer cable to print off your iPhone? That would be pretty cool, you think?

Computer gadgets and technology have come a long way in the last few years and the rapid advances in wireless devices and support / connectivity are presently all the rage. With that in mind we now have devices that use the common USB port that virtually every device imaginable comes with these days to make everything wireless. The words “wireless printer cable” sound like an oxy-moron, don’t they? Yet wireless printer cables exist, and people are buying them like crazy.

Wireless Device is Not Just for Your Printer

Funny thing is though is that the same device that acts as a wireless printer cable also can act as a wireless connection between your network hub and your computer… or your computer and an external hard drive… or a security camera. Any device you presently hook to your computer with a USB connection can be replaced by a… for lack of a better term… wireless printer cables. One company calls them… “dongles.” Uhh yeah, I think I’ll stick with wireless printer cables thank you.

I’m not sure that printer cables are fully obsolete, but as more and more devices go wireless we’re going to see a reduction in the prominence of printer cables, USB, parallel, or otherwise. Even the term wireless printer cable will go stale as many printers are already incorporating wireless technology to take advantage of Bluetooth technology already available in Macs and many phones. How many people look forward to the day when they go to the beach, snap some cool ocean scenery during the afternoon, then cruise home and simply walk past their printer and have the phone automatically download the photos to the printer. Does that sound like a good day to you? That futuristic day is upon us.

I’m not entirely sure it’s the best thing to have our phone data just kind of floating around in the air for anyone smart enough to hack it, and some people feel the same way – that wireless printer cables aren’t necessarily a good idea for all applications.

Nonetheless, wireless technology is here to stay and it does have its place… and frankly I was never too fond of fighting with stupid printer cables and sharing my desktop space with a bulky printer.

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