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UTT ER518 Load Balance VPN Router, Dual+ WAN Ports, Supports IPsec/PPTP/L2TP, Metal Housing

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Price: $39.99
(as of Nov 06,2019 18:55:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description

* 2 x 10M/100M WAN ports, 3 x 10M/100M LAN ports, LAN/WAN configurable

* Support 5 IPSec/PPTP/L2TP VPN(Server/Client:5/5)

* Support static IP, DHCP and PPPoE connection
* Support DSL, FTTX+LAN and Cable Modem Internet access
* Support NAT,NAPT,DMZ
* Support DDNS
* Support UPnP
* Support DHCP Server, DHCP Client and DHCP static binding
* Support PPPoE Server
* Support web authentication
* Support IP/MAC binding
* Support fixed rate limiting
* Support bandwidth control
* Support built-in firewall, defense against ARP spoofing, Port scanning, DDoS/DoS attack
* Support packet filtering based on IP address, protocol, port

* v2.5.3

Dual WAN: Dual+ WAN ports. Optimize uplink throughput by load-balance/failover multiple ISP connections. WAN/LAN port configurable/inter-changeable
VPN Supported: Up to 5 VPN tunnels simultaneously; IPsec/PPTP/L2TP
Enterprise-Level Performance: Performance aligned with UTT enterprise-level wireless product line; highly robust and stable
Built-in firewall supports IP address filtering, Domain Name filtering, and MAC address filtering
User-friendly and Intuitive Web GUI

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