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What is Traffic Generation?

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Traffic Generation is a model that creates traffic flow to your website or a source of data in network communication, a very good example for this is a cellular phone or a computer network. This packet traffic generation model is a traffic a kind of model of the packet flow in a packet switch network, a web traffic model is a model of data that is sent or received by web users. This kind of models is very useful especially during the development of a telecommunication technology, in view the performance and the amount of capacity of various protocols, algorithms and network topologies.

A networks performance is or can be analyzed by the measurement in the network traffic by using a network traffic generator such as iperf, bwping and mauezahn. The traffic generator sends packets which are only dummies that is often with a unique kind if identifier, making it possible to keep track of the packet delivery in the system.

A less expensive approach can be very useful like a numerical analysis using the state of the art network simulation. This kind of approach is using the queuing theory and may be possible for the simplified traffic model. The simplified packet model is the greedy source model. It is useful in analyzing the highest throughput for the best effort traffic but without any quality of service that is guaranteed. But usually traffic generators are greedy source.

There is another traditional traffic generator model that is called the Poisson process, wherein the number of incoming data follows the Poisson distribution. However this model has a less memory, which means that it does not reflect the bursty nature of data or the long range dependency. There are at least two standard traffic generations models for packet switched wireless networks the 3GPP2 and the 802.16 model.

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