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Why Softswitch Is a Boon for Telecom Network

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Softswitch is an essential component of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It performs like a control switch, which is utilized to control the connections at the connecting point of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and VoIP networks. Softswitch is utilized for making a junction by connecting the Public Switched Telephone Networks to Internet Networks and managing traffic. This technology is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is fully compatible with the advanced VoIP technology.

VoIP softswitch is designed for processing entire packet protocol signals. Softswitch provides features such as billing invoice generation, call routing, security, reporting, and many more. The quality of phone calls made using the VoIP switch is superior and are possible at nominal prices. This switching device does not cause any interruption in the voice signal. Softswitch is an application, which has both switch features and billing software. Softswitch can pack multiple communication series such as text, call, video traffic, and voice. Softswitch holds a wide range of features, providing numerous advantages to carriers across the world.

With continuous evolvement in softswitch technology over time, numerous wholesale softswitch providers have introduced the same to let the clients make local as well as long distance phone calls at nominal prices. They have fully transformed the picture of telecommunication ever since the system has been introduced to fulfill the need of VoIP services across the world. A lot of services are provided by the wholesale service providers, including PC to phone calling, gadget to phone calling, calling cards and direct inward dial call back services.

Below are various features of VoIP softswitch:

Basic Features:

  • Real time traffic management and re-routing
  • Complete customer support
  • Billing and scrutinizing by clients
  • Controlling over 500 synchronized phone calls per account
  • Service setup obtains just a few hours
  • Full support or compatibility of SIP

Routing Features:

  • Automatic Number Identification routing
  • Online phone call debugging
  • Minimal cost routing
  • Setting main concerns and weights
  • Ms Excel download and upload

Reporting Features:

  • Active calls
  • Call detail records download
  • Benefit margin report
  • Real-time billing
  • Real-time average call duration and traffic graphs

Billing and Accounting Features:

  • Automatic invoices to clients
  • Setting client credit limits
  • Postpaid and prepaid client management
  • Real-time balance update

This article will help you understand the term softswitch. These are the various aspects involved with softswitch. You will now understand why softswitch is considered as a vital component of the VoIP network.

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